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some things you lose

and some things you just give away

6/3/08 03:28 pm - If I gave you a record deal, would you blow up the spot?

Zach probably has a spinal tumor.

4/18/08 09:31 am


guess who's right behind me. =]

4/10/08 02:22 pm - all i wanna do is [k-k-k-boom]

here in my car, the image breaks downCollapse )

4/2/08 09:26 pm - Writer's Block: Where in the World...

If you were independently wealthy, where in the world would you live and how would you spend your time?

In South America. Preferably Columbia, but that's dangerous for a little white girl like me. And all I would do is volunteer at orphanages. That's where my heart's at.

3/6/08 10:54 am

allison bauer. stop talking.

that's it. I have zero tolerance for people I'm angry with blathering to achieve a grade.

3/5/08 07:56 am

Went to bed at 5pm. Up at 1, left house at 6:40. NUKKAWHA?

11/5/07 10:46 am - Will someone PLEASE be happy for me?

And after all the blood that you still oweCollapse )
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Ok, please fill this this out but post anonymously for me. Emily dug through her journal to find it, and I thief'd it.

1) What do you like about me?
2) What do you hate about me?
3) What one thing about me would you change?
4) If you could give me one peice of advice, what would it be?
5) Where do you see me in a years time?
6) 2 years?
7) 5 years?
8) 10 years?
9) 20 years?
10) What one thing would you like to tell me anonymously?

If no one does this, I'll be fucking pissed. You bitches need to start fucking commenting. =]

10/28/07 12:01 am - look me in my heart and tell me you won't go

I've been in the wrong place my entire life.

I can't fix it. I don't really need to.

I'm just not supposed to be here.

Life has always seemed so transitory.

10/27/07 04:40 am - I KNOW IT CAN'T GO ANYWHERE


He likes me.
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