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My car wreck was...eventful. I was in the right, making a turn in an outside turn lane with my blinker on, while someone in the inside turn lane decided to go straight, plowing into the back of my car. Either way, he's wrong, whether he was planning to go straight in a turn only lane, or switch into my lane in the middle of the intersection, especially whilst my car was, I don't know, in it? I pulled into the Valero, the first stop, and waited to see if he would come back after pulling his hit & run bullshit, but he didn't, so I called my mom and my dad came. The cop came, he was rude and mistrusting of me, but whatever. The other car called an hour later, saying I sideswiped him, um, hi, I have a dent shaped like the front of your car in my back door, and no long scrapes, but good shot.

Around 9 at night, the whiplash hit. Hardcore. I could barely lift my neck three inches above my hunched shoulder on the left side. So I went to the doctor just to be safe, but I'm okay. Just rattled and annoyed.
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